Savage Rank Upgrade

20.00 EUR

Package Description

Upon purchase you will receive the following:

  • Savage Rank Upgrade Ticket (as an claimable item)

Savage Rank perks:

  • Light Red (Savage) name in chat, above your head & in tab
  • 1.3x XP Boost (only Challenges, Bosses... not for XP Bottles, Level Up Passes etc)
  • Access to the Savage Crate (can be claimed every 31 days, for more information view /daily in-game, you can also see thee possible loot there)
  • Access to the Savage Rank Kit (can be claimed every 7 days, for more information view /rkit in-game, you can also see the possible loot there)
  • Ability to show your Star balance with [bal] in the chat
  • Ability to use [brag] which will allow other players to view into your inventory
  • Daily Tradia Token limit increased to 3,750 Tokens
  • Ability to fly at spawn (in safe zones)
  • Increased Island Limitations:
  •  -> Access to a Premium Island Template(s)
  •  -> Island size is increased to 400x400 blocks
  •  -> Island Warp Limit is increased to 10 by default
  •  -> Island Member Limit is increased to 20 by default
  •  -> Island Member Online Limit is increased to 20 by default
  •  -> Island Shopkeeper Limit is increased to 8 by default (only on your own island, the rank of the island owner counts for the island you're on)
  • AFK Timer increased to 90 minutes (if you're inactive for 90 minutes you will be kicked from the server to save resources)
  • Maximum Items you can auction in the Auction House increased to 6 by default
  • Auction Time is increased to 240 minutes by default
  • Automatically disable chat message cooldown (also removed when reached 2 days+ playtime as a player without rank)
  • Automatically disable command cooldown (also removed when reached 2 days+ playtime as a player without rank)
  • /wb - Open a crafting table / work bench
  • /feed - Feed yourself
  • /enchanter - Open the menu to level up books without going to the market
  • /sell - Hold the item you want to sell to the shop without going to the market
  • /island rename <name> - Rename the island you are currently on (friends with the Ultra Rank or higher can also rename your island if they have permissions to do so)
  • /condense - Automatically convert all ores & ingots in your inventory to blocks (only smelted ores)
  • /shop - Open the shop gui in safe zones (all NPCs at market / tradia can be found there)
  • /sellall - Automatically sell all sellable items in your inventory (can only be used in safe zones)


  • You need to have the LEGEND Rank to be able to upgrade to this Rank
  • This rank upgrade is received as a ticket (in-game) and can be used by anyone that has the Legend Rank
  • If you claim the rank upgrade, your old rank will be removed and replaced with the new rank
  • This rank will last forever which means it will last until our network is no longer operated or does no longer exist!
  • For more information please read the Terms of Service before purchasing!
  • On purchase you do automatically accept the Terms of Service!

Beachte bitte:

  • Du brauchst den LEGEND Rang um upgraden zu können
  • Dieses Rang upgrade wirst du als Ticket erhalten (in-game). Jeder, der den Legend Rang besitzt, kann es benutzen
  • Wenn du das Rang Upgrade Ticket benutzt, wird dein alter, also jetziger Rang entfernt und mit dem neuen Rang ersetzt
  • Du wirst ihn so lange behalten bzw. benutzen können, bis das Netzwerk nicht mehr betretbar ist oder nicht mehr existiert!
  • Für weitere und ausführlichere Informationen, lese bitte die Geschäftsbedingungen vor dem Kauf!
  • Bei einem Kauf akzeptierst du automatisch auch alle Geschäftsbedingungen!